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Vision and Mission

Sree Vidya Peeth endeavors to strive for excellence and make our students worthy citizens of the society. Traditional values and modern methods are blended harmoniously in the quest for molding responsible, all-around personalities for a brighter future.


Asatomã Sadgamaya
Tamasomã Jyothirgamaya
Mrithyormã Amritham gamaya
Om Shãnti Shãnti Shãntihi .

O God,

Let me be led by thee
To Truth from Untruth,
To Light from Darkness,
To Immortality from Death,
To be in Peace within and around ………..

Ideal education should impart knowledge, shape the character and mold the personality of the child. It should assist him in imbibing and assimilating the social, moral, ethical and spiritual values for efficiency and excellence. The true mark of excellence is the harmony of thought, will, and action. The aim of education is to make the outward and the inward man one only then is a man at peace with himself. Education should lead to a sense of appreciation and observation of social obligations.

These aims of education can be achieved only through training in perseverance and determination for success.

“ What one learns with pleasure never forgets.”

Sree Vidya Peeth strives to
  1. Develop the ethical, moral and spiritual dimensions of life
  2. Develop integrated personalities (integration of the head, the heart and the hand i.e. unity of thoughts, emotions, and deeds)
  3. Develop an analytical and creative mind, besides scientific thinking and reasoning
  4. Encourage the development of a value system in consonant with truth, goodness, and beauty.
  5. Pursue excellence in all matters connected with academics including communication skills
  6. Develop among children positive attitudes, positive mind power and high selfesteem.
  7. Provide training in leadership and citizenship
  8. Give a glimpse of the Indian ethos and culture, instilling a patriotic sense and feeling, among its students
  9. Inculcate time and duty consciousness and dignity of labour
  10. Create an ambiance in school which is more friendly and congenial for learning.
“ Sound mind in a sound body”

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