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Sree Vidya Peeth

Sree Vidya Peeth, a residential and day school, is nestled in a quiet, serene and breathtaking lush green environs creating a perfect blend of peace and tranquillity which is a must for quality education.

The school faculty consists of caring wardens who are sensitive to the emotional & personal needs of students and create an environment of ‘Home’ away from home.

Aesthetically planned school buildings, library, auditorium, boys and girls hostels, not only add magnificence to the campus but also invigorates the inmates to scale greater heights in this temple of learning.

At Sree Vidya Peeth, teaching rooms have been designed keeping in view that every student gets ample seating and storage space. Classrooms are equipped with Audio/ Visual learning aids, Models & Charts with all modern facilities. We emphasize on creating tomorrow’s leaders by conceptualizing & implementing group activities like projects, co-curricular activities, student council, various club activities, etc. besides regular training programs on Leadership & Management skills. Personalized care and training are provided by professionals to those who show proficiency in a particular discipline to prepare and motivate them for competitive exams at various levels.

Purified water and nutritious food prepared from the freshest, finest ingredients ensure a healthy body and mind to the students.

Sree Vidya Peeth is situated near the Medical and Dental Colleges of Kamineni Education Society, so that immediate attention is given during medical emergencies besides periodical health check-ups.

Sree Vidya Peeth is the first choice destination for studies and growth for every child, where teachers and students interact in an atmosphere conducive for learning.

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