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S.No Room Number Size Area (Approx. in Sq. Ft. )
Length(in Ft.) Breadth (in Ft.)
1. Biology Lab 1 37 16 592
2. Chemistry Lab 1 37 16 592
3. Physics Lab 1 31 25 775
4. Class Room 16 30 20 600
5. Computer Science Lab 2 31 16 496
6. Library 1 64 31 1984
7. Maths Lab 1 31 16 496
Other Rooms
8. Art Room 1 30 25 750
9. Multi purpose hall 1 119 34 4046
10. Staff Room 1 31 16 496
11. Principal Room 1 16 13 208
12. Office Room 1 16 6 96
13. Correspondent Room 1 16 13 208
14. Music Room 1 29 26 754
15. Examination Cell 1 16 6 96
16. Sports Room 1 29 26 754
17. Xerox Room 1 16 12 192
18. Store Room 1 29 10 290
19. Lobby Area 1 48 42 2016
Physical Size
20 Area of Campus 14  Acres
21 Built Up area 65341 in Sq.Mtrs.
22 Area of Playground 28470.61 in Sq.Mtrs.

Our Campus

Established in the year 1990, Sree Vidya Peeth is beautifully spread over a 14 acre Campus, away from the noise of the city on the 89 K.M. from Hyderabad towards Vijayawada (NH 9). The quiet, serene and breathtaking lush green environs create the perfect blend of peace & tranquility which is indispensable for Quality Education.

Aesthetically planned School Buildings, Administrative Block, Library, Open Air Auditorium, Boys & Girls Hostels not only add magnificence to the campus but also invigorate the inmates to scale Greater Heights.

At Sree Vidya Peeth every minute detail is taken care in designing learning rooms. Every student gets ample seating space and storage space. All learning rooms are equipped with State-of-the-Art Audio / Visual learning aids. Big display boards carrying an assortment of Charts, Posters, Maps, etc. adorn the walls of learning rooms. In fact, when it comes to this, every brick, every pillar & every wall of Sree Vidya Peeth teaches something not only to inmates but visitors as well, as they carry posters of Quotes, Facts, Heuristics, Written & Oral Communication Skills, etc.

Composite Science Laboratory

Biology laboratory:

  1. Provided with simple and compound microscopes, slides of micro organisms, cross sections of stem, root & animals.
  2. Lab is provided with preserved specimens for practicals.
  3. The lab is also provided with equipments required for experiments as specified by CBSE from time to time.

Chemistry Laboratory:

  1. Lab is provided with working tables, glassware, test tube holders etc.
  2. The lab is also provided with reagents for testing acids, bases & metals which are required for experiments as specified by CBSE from time to time.

Physics Laboratory:

  1. Lab is provided with equipments related to demonstration of light, electricity, magnetism, sound etc.
  2. The lab is also provided with the equipments as specified by CBSE from time to time.
  3. Students are taken to the lab in their respective periods to demonstrate the experiments.
  4. The Composite Science Lab is fully equipped and well furnished with tables, chairs, racks, etc.
  5. Fire safety methods are implemented.


Sree Vidya Peeth School library is located in the ground floor of the school building in a serene atmosphere which is a Center of Knowledge. The library is well furnished and comfortable to sit. The library has Books belonging to English including literature, Telugu and Hindi, Social Science, Biological Science, General Knowledge, Magazines, Journals, Encyclopedias, Interactive CD-ROM’s etc covering a gamut of subjects to satisfy the ever enquiring & curious minds of the children.

Total Number of Books



Reference Books

No. of Magazine






Library is spacious, well furnished with curtains, tables, chairs and cupboards.

Computer Science Laboratory

The knowledge of computer and IT [Information Technology] are the essential requirements of the day. Keeping this in view, the computer science laboratory is established as per the norms of the CBSE. There are two labs, each lab is equipped with 25 Multimedia PC's, Internet, LAN, Scanners, Printers etc to satisfy the interest of children. All computers run on UPS [Uninterrupted Power Supply]. The lab is air-conditioned provided with tables, chairs, and curtains. Fire safety methods are implemented.

Maths Lab

Maths Lab is located on the 1st floor and fully equipped with raw material, measuring equipment, display models, Charts, clay, working models, plane coordinate graph, manual tools, computer etc.

Maths lab activities are performed as per the CBSE specified norms from Class III to X as per the timetable.

The lab is well furnished with benches and chairs etc.

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