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Teaching Methodology

Teaching methods in the classroom are interactive and aim at generating interest and developing a range of learning skills.

Teachers find a variety of approaches that stimulate interest and motivation among the students. Group Discussions and projects, educational trips and excursions information technology, seminars, cultural and sports events form an integral part of the education imparted in the school.

The simple and effective teaching methods are a testimony at providing a complete and holistic approach in education, which aims at developing the children into academically sound and socially well-integrated individuals.

Besides developing their creativity and communication skills, their evaluation is simple and effective. The assessment is on the basis of the formative assessments and day to day performance ensures consistent quality learning where students are confident in averring themselves.

The curriculum and teaching are practical and aim at developing communicative competence, expressing ideas and freedom of thought, tolerance and respect for individuals. Above all, we seek to develop our children as socially and morally upright individuals.

A library is one of the hallmarks of the school. The library houses a wide variety of books and journals. It serves as the storehouse of information related, to prescribed textbooks and beyond. Its purpose is to inculcate reading habit amongst students.

Renowned works of Fiction, Classics, Self Help Books, Science & Technology Periodicals, Journals related to history, culture, exploration along with selected local and national dailies will be housed here. All articles in the library will be carefully scanned and selected to ensure the correct development of the students.

The Physics lab is equipped with a wide variety of apparatus which supplement and strengthen concepts learned in the classrooms. Other than models and flowcharts, a projector placed in there allows for innovative methods of teaching of scientific concepts.

The Chemistry Lab is quite spacious with a capacity of accommodating forty students at a time. It is well equipped with modern techniques and sophisticated instruments like Digital balance for weighing, centrifuge machine for salt analysis. The lab is equipped with a sufficient number of analytical balance required for practicals. The chemicals used are of analytical grade and glass apparatus used is of A grade.

The Biology lab not only has all sorts of equipment like projection microscope, compound microscope and dissecting microscope but also a variety of specimens of both flora and fauna, this facilitates the teacher to make the students aware of the different species by visually seeing them and satisfying their inquisitiveness about various aspects of the subject.

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