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Examination Schedule 2018-19

Classes Examination Schedule Dates
LKG to V Term-I 28th Aug to 06th Sept,2018
LKG to V Term-II 10th December to 20th Dec ,2018
LKG to V Term-III 1st March to 20th March,2019
V I to X Pre Mid Term 6th Aug to 14th Aug,2018
V I to X Mid Term 1st October, to 11th Oct,2018
VI to X Post Mid-Term 10th December to 20th Dec ,2018
IX & X Pre Mock 1st Week of January,2019
IX &  X Mock 4th Week of January, 2019
VI to IX Annual Exam 1st March to 20th March,2019
X AISSE – 2019 As per CBSE Schedule in the month of March


Vacation & Breaks –Schedule Dates Vacation / Break Duration
1 Summer Vacation 21-04-2018 to 06-06-2018 (45 Days)
2 Dussehra 12-10-2018 to 21-10-2018 (10 Days)
3 Diwali 05-11-2018 to 08-11-2018 (4 Days)
4 Sankranthi/Pongal 12-01-2019 to 20-01-2019 (9 Days)

PTM-Schedule Dates

PTM-I 05th August, 2018 (Sunday 11:00am and 1.00pm )
PTM-II 16th Sept.2018 ( Sunday between 11:00am &        1:00pm)
PTM-III 022nd October,  2018 ( Monday, between 10:00am &      1:00pm after Dussehra Holidays )
PTM-IV 23rd December, 2018 (Sunday, Between 11:00am & 1:00pm)
PTM-V 10th Feb. 2019 (Sunday between 11:00am
&     1:00pm))
Annual PTM-VI 30th Mar, 2018     ( Saturday between10:00am
&     1:00pm))
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